Tooshlights® is the first and only automated LED lighting system that will increase traffic flow in both men and women’s public bathrooms by letting the guest  “know where to go”.  When working on public restroom designs, there are quite a number of issues that have to be dealt with.  Most of the time, entrances are placed in a way that allows those waiting in line to see all the available stalls. Unfortunately, the only way to see if a stall is vacant is to either see the door wide open, or you check under the stall and look for a person.  With Tooshlights® , the design of a bathroom can be as you wish.  From the moment that someone looks down the partition aisle they will know with 100% certainty that the stall is available just by looking at the Tooshlights® LED indicator on the ceiling.  Tooshlights® will enhance safety and make restroom traffic flow.

The only light sensored system to show your patrons which stall is available!