Tooshlights™ App adds value in concert halls, stadiums, theatres, and other high-traffic venues by optimizing the flow of traffic to and from restrooms. It also adds value in smaller venues, where customer volume is relatively high and there are bottlenecks around restroom facilities. Our web application, pictured below, can be downloaded on attendee’s smart phones or accessed from any web browser. It is web-based, available through each venue’s website, and not tied to any particular mobile platform, which ensures maximum accessibility for all patrons.

 It is free to end-users and paid for by venue owners.

 It will be branded (with the venue’s logo), or “white-labeled”, as with the example below.

 It will also provide owners the added value of knowing, in real-time, which Tooshlights are fully operational and which need to be maintained.

 Real-time operations knowledge will also be available to Tooshlights staff, allowing us to provide a high level of customer service to our customers.

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