• Enhance Safety & Assured Privacy

With a complete install of Tooshlights®, your patrons will always feel secure.  The bright red LED will illuminate as long as there is someone in the stall.  This light will indicate to others, who might be waiting in line or looking for an empty stall, to continue on to a stall that has a green light illuminated.  This system will put the confidence in your patrons and guests that their privacy is assured.

  • Enhance Traffic Flow

We all know what it’s like to stand in line at a multiple stall public restroom.  We are also aware of walking into a public restroom that has a single stall and not knowing for certain if the stall is occupied or empty.  Currently, over 66% of the time there are vacant stalls in public restrooms that guests are not aware of. Patrons would have to look under the door, peek through the cracks or even trying opening the door just to see if it was in use or not.  Installing Tooshlights® will effectively create a much better traffic flow, by giving the “green” or “red” light indicator to the arriving guest as well as a better overall experience of your establishment.  Tooshlights® are 100% guaranteed and offer a simple solution to a larger problem of your customers not knowing “where to go”.

  • More Time To Enjoy the Venue

We all know that having your guests or customers stand in long lines for the restroom creates frustration.  The more time people stand in lines, the less time they will have doing what they are supposed to be doing at your location.  We have found that almost 99% of customers interviewed, would rather spend time enjoying a venue, than waiting in lines for a restroom, especially with open stalls they are not aware of.  Spending less time in line, has a direct impact on sales of items such as concessions, souvenirs, clothing, food and drinks.  In addition, during events that only have a specific amount of time to use the restroom, such as a concert, movie, play, sporting event or theatre event, Tooshlights® should be installed to to create less waiting time and give your guests more time to enjoy the venue.


Benefits For Your Venue:


  • Increased Levels of Customer Privacy
  • Minimized Patron Crowding
  • Raising Overall Profile
  • Higher Visibility of Customer Security
  • Shorter Lines Makes for Happier Guest Overall Experience
  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation Process into Any Partition / Stalls
  • More Time For Patrons to Purchase Concessions/Souvenirs 
  • Different Designs to Select From 

Benefits For Your Patrons:

  • Expedited wait times
  • Enhanced safety and traffic flow
  • Assured privacy
  • No More Waiting For Stalls That Are Vacant
  • No More Looking Under Stalls To Check If It Is Available
  • No More Peeking Through Cracks To See If The Stall Is Available
  • More Time To Purchase Food/Beverages
  • More Time To Shop
  • More Time To Enjoy The Venue
  • Quicker and More Efficient Use of Restroom Facilities
  • No More Standing Around Feeling Uncomfortable When There Are Open Stalls